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AUSTIN, Texas (AP)- Last night the Bros lost 10-8 to Pipe in an absolute nuclear meltdown. The Boys in Black held a commanding 8-2 lead after lighting up Pipe’s goalie for the first 23 minutes, but the last 27 minutes were dominated by Pipe.

The Bros were led by Ross Tagtow and Matt Young, each with two goals. Additional goals were scored by Chuck Booth, Scott Van Pelt, Marc Henderson,and Fabian Figi. While offensive production was well spread out, the Bros collapsing in on the offensive zone led to odd-man rushes and burned opportunities.

The second half was nothing short of atrocious, as lack of position discipline, lazy skating, and poor passing resulted in the Bros simply losing to themselves. Pipe entered the second half of the game aggressively and hungry, and there simply was not enough matched response from the Bros. Pipe scored 8 straight unanswered goals, and held the Bros scoreless for the last 27 minutes of the game.

Playoff matches should be determined later this week.

The Bros finish their Winter 2016 season with a 4-6 record.


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