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AUSTIN, Texas (AP)- Bruce Springsteen said it best, “You ain’t a beauty, but hey you’re alright and that’s alright with me.” Wins are wins. Last night at the Pond Hockey Club in front of a packed warm room, the Bros gutted out a 10-8 victory over the perennial powerhouse Wolves. Each team seemingly matched one another goal for goal until the Bros ultimately pulled away in the second half with a quick three-goal shelling to open things up. The Boys in Black were led by a first period hat trick from the surging Fabian “I’m on Fire” Figi, whose first goal came within the first six second of the game. Figi earned the coveted Star & Cannon for his efforts. For the second consecutive game, Figi was nearly matched by Steph “Man at the Top” Meyer who tallied two goals and provided excellent vision on the neutral zone backcheck press. Mickey “Badlands” Bush ended his scoreless drought last night with a nasty forehand backhand move reminding everyone about just how dangerous he can be. Danno “The Wrestler” Pranno danced in the dark with his favorite partner Annette Presence. Pranno was able to capitalize off a juicy rebound to collect his first goal of the season. Scott “Waitin’ on a Sunny Day” Van Pelt may have golden biscuits, but he is still waitin’ on a golden twig to put it in the basket. Van Pelt had an excellent game offensively, and it is only a matter of time before many of his shots find their way to the back of the twine.

Captain Andrew “Spare Parts” Feigenbaum led the offensive charge for defensemen last night tallying two goals. The second was imperative to erase the fact that he failed to clear the zone once which led to a Wolf goal. Matty “Hungry Heart” Young also collected a goal last night to continue his scoring streak, and generated multiple opportunities for offensive production. Marc “Prove It All Night” Henderson quietly set up several opportunities for offense, quarterbacking multiple forechecks. While his scoring streak ended last night, his press and albatross-esque wingspan prevented multiple breakouts and was felt by the Wolves. During the post-game conference, he told HockeyNews reporter Jared Clinton that he wanted a redo on that intercepted breakout pass turnover. Ross “Glory Days” Tagtow suited up last night as he was brought back down to the beer leagues from the PAHL because Roy “The River” St. John was a healthy scratch. Tagtow had several shots, but the Wolves staved off his attempts. Goalie Steven “Spirit in the Night” Sullivan garnished the most applause from the fans at the rink last night. Sullivan was able to fight off the Pack just enough for a hard earned victory.

Next week the Bros and Red Rockets square off at 7:45pm.

20- Most goals the Bros have scored in a two game period.
6- Number of goals Figi has scored in the past two games.
2- Number of consecutive wins to start a season. Best start in Bros history.
1- Number of times the Bros have defeated the Wolves.

Roy St. John and Scott “Cadillac Ranch” McNearney were healthy scratches.


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