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AUSTIN, TX (PIERRE SPORTS NETWORK) – Last night at The Pond Hockey Club, the Bros grinded out an ugly win against the Wolves of Pond Street to make their first 4 win streak in quite some time. Both teams fought hard but at the end of the night the Bros took it home. The game was full of turmoil, momentum shifts and dirty plays from both sides. The three stars of the game were:

1. Stephan “Pokemon Bro” Meyer for excellent clock work in the second half and 2 solid goals
2. Scott “Clutch Nasty” Poniewaz for a solid goal and for driving in skates
3. Eddie “Eiffel Tower” Valls for grinding out some ugly play in the final minutes

The Bros came out to a rough start once again and found themselves the victim of a first shot goal to get off to a 1-0 deficit. In what became the first of several huge momentum swings, the Bros roared back to life and scored 5 straight to bring the score to 5-1. Bros were finding the net from all over the ice and the Wolves started whimpering. As quickly as the momentum shifted in the Bros favor, it shifted right back to the Wolves. Broalie Steve “Sully” Sullivan was immediately lit up with 4 straight to bring the first half to a 5-5 tie. I managed to catch up with Sully at half to catch some words about this momentum swing:

“Sully, you’re normally solid AF at the end of the halves, what happened?”
Sully: “Go home Pierre, nobody reads your articles.”

The second half got off to another tough start for the Bros, as the Wolves slipped in a quality off-the-skate deflection to open up their second lead of the game. Fabian “Swiss Miss” Figi rallied the team together and stole the lead back with a quality goal, Figi’s second of the night. Noah “The Dirt McGurt” Legget, an honorary bro for the night, also shored up the defense and started stopping wolves right in their tracks. Roy “Bottle Boss” St. John and Legget teamed up to shut the Wolves down in the second half, allowing only one goal. Offense stepped up in the second half as well and held a 4-1 goal differential. Dan “Taser” Pranno and Scott “Clutch Nasty” Poniewaz are finding their chemistry well and posted 2 clutch goals. Poniewaz also mastered the art of driving in skates from a prior game which in addition to his goal earned him second star. New center Stephan “Pokemon Bro” Meyer was on fire last night, posting up 2 goals and top quality clock management. Stephan kept the puck in the corner while pulling some rather impressive dance moves and burned off about 30 seconds of the last few minutes of play. A feat both hilarious and crucial to the win. Ross “Tape Monster” Tagtow had a solid night as well, posting up another goal and some great offensive play.

As the title reflects, the game got ugly. Complete with 15 goals, 3 penalty shots, an ejection, and an offsetting penalty – there was no shortage of entertainment at the Pond. Legget traded some clandestine shots which sent him and his counterpart to the bench with offsetting penalties. Legget’s strategy proved dirty but effective as his opponent later lost his cool and was ejected for an awkward Eiffel towering incident with Valls in the closing minutes of the game. Never thought I’d write that about a hockey game. I did manage to catch up with Valls after the game:

Pierre: “Eddie, I could tell things got a little rough there at the end, tell me about that”
Valls: “Wow Pierre, such journalism, very impress, much investigation. Go home Pierre.”

I didn’t get the joke, but I never do. All in all, the Bros looked rough around the edges but pulled out a win. That’s it for me, Pierre Out!


–SVP’s leprosy has worsened and word is amputations may be incoming. Hopefully the hamstring picks up before the legs get the old chop chop.
–Andrew “Rain Man” Feigenbaum is still lost in the desert playing with rocks. He maintains that there are scientific reasons, but Pierre Sports Network remains skeptical.
–Marc “Savage” Hendersenko was a healthy scratch and is somewhere in New England battling the lobster menace.


–4 Straight Wins for the Bros.
–1 – Number of times the Bros have held a tie for first place.



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