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AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters)- On Monday evening, the Bros HC looked to bounce back after a crippling loss to Layin’ Pipe against the recently surging Griffins at The Pond Hockey Club. The game proved to be a back-and-forth relay between the two teams, with the Griffins earning a 10-9 victory after a five-round shootout in which all five Bro shootout attempts failed to cross the goal line. Neither team held a lead exceeding one goal for the duration of regulation.

Beer league fans everywhere eagerly anticipated the hyped return of Bro Scott “Take This Bro And Shove It” Van Pelt, who missed five games due to a torn hamstring, and he did not disappoint. With the return of Van Pelt, the Bros titivated their lineup, moving Ross “Mona Lisa Lost Her Bro” Tagtow up to fill the role of third center. The Griffins struck first, but Van Pelt quickly tied the game with a redirect off defenseman Noah “You Never Even Called Me By My Bro” Leggett’s shot attempt. For his offensive efforts, and triumphant return, Van Pelt earned the Bros’ second star of the game.

The Bros then gained a 2-1 lead when Steph “The Bro Ride” Meyer snuck a backhand shot past the Griffins’ goaltender. Meyer added another hat trick, scoring two more times, of which included the game-tying goal with less than 50 seconds remaining in the second half. Meyer attributed much of his offensive success Monday to Eddie “Papa Loved Bro” Valls, who scored two goals and earned the coveted Gonzales Flag for his offensive and defensive awareness. Mike Milbury interviewed Valls after the game about zone awareness, “Well Mike, if you’re going to slash him, break a bone, right? I’m kidding. You said it, not me, remember? But to answer your question, we were pretty hit or miss on keeping a man back and struggled a big with pushing a forward back. Fortunately it didn’t hurt us too bad because the Griffins play a calculated breakout as opposed to fast-break hockey, so we’ll shore up for when we face them again next Tuesday and hopefully head back to the locker room next week with a different outcome.”

Bro Dan “Would You Bro With Me” Pranno continued his stealth-like scoring streak, tallying two goals on the evening. Pranno continues to quietly navigate his way through the consecutive-game goal-scoring river. Jeremy Roenick spoke with Pranno before the game about strategy, and Pranno indicated that he did not care how he scores, he just wants to score. That’s what he said. Scott “Frankie And Bronny” Poniewaz also impressed last night. Poniewaz played his best game in the Star and Cannon, digging pucks out of the boards, winning battles, and generating quality shot attempts. Although he hit the post twice, it is only a matter of time before those quality attempts turn in to goals.

The Bros defense generated more shot opportunities against the Griffins than in previous weeks. Along with Leggett, captain Andrew “Branded Bro” Feigenbaum and Roy “Tennessee Broskey” St. John were able to skate, pass, and shoot the puck at will. St. John continued to demonstrate why he deserves the Most Improved Player of the Year award. The defensive play of the game arguably occurred with one minute remaining and the Griffins on the attack. Feigenbaum interrupted a shot attempt with his stick, won the ensuing loose puck battle along the boards, and found Tagtow with a backhand pass. The play set up Meyer’s game-tying goal.

In a five-round shootout heartbreaker, Bro Steven “Six Days On The Bro” Sullivan shut down a barrage of forehand and backhand shot attempts. Sullivan played well throughout the game, but a few unfavorable, and mostly unlucky bounces, separated the two teams. Sullivan should not let the outcome interfere with an otherwise admirable season between the pipes for the Bros.

Next week, the Bros play Monday at 7:45 pm against the SweetHarts, and then have their chance at revenge against the Griffins on Tuesday at 9:00 pm.

For the first time this season, the Bros played with a full roster.

4- Hat tricks for Meyer this season.
5- Failed shootout attempts.
7- Deflections generated by Feigenbaum.



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