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AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters)- The Pond Hockey Club. After a late night celebrating the Chicago Cubs victory, your favorite Bros on Ice also had reason to celebrate. The Bros busted through the Barn doors like the Kool-Aid Man through a perfectly nice wall, and BRO the game started fast. Our young Bro Bros promptly took advantage of the tilted ice and racked up so much O-Zone time in their first few shifts, that the scoresheet cannot in fact verify another team was present. The first real highlight though, was when Nick “Jeremy” Leggett shocked the fans with a steal, a streak down the right wing, and nifty dangle across the crease for the Bros first goal–barely two minutes into the contest.

Before the ironically named Learn To Skate even registered a shot on net, Nick’s real Bro Noah “Alive” Leggett fed Ross “Release” Tagtow for a blistering zinger from the point, and just like that, it was 2-0 Bros. Around that time, LTS’ bus arrived at the arena, and the Bros called for the rarely-used and not-well-liked “slowly let them back into the game” strategy. It worked perfectly.

LTS started piling on shots, opportunities, and probably each other, and before the Bros knew it, it was 2-1 at the break. Nonetheless, steady offensive-minded play from D-Bros Layne “Deep” Brougher and Larry “Even Flow” Powell continued to generate chances, and control the pace of play. Unluckily, an errant pass and a bad bounce led to a second goal from LTS’ leading scorer, Thomas “My name is too long” Pannenbacker, roughly halfway through the second period.

Not to be discouraged, the Bros’ hard-forechecking, hard-backchecking, just hard-checking in general, second line came to life. With three minutes to go in the second, Stephan “Why Go?” Meyer and Scott “Black” Van Pelt challenged the LTS breakout with some Broggression, leading to a turnover right at the blue line. Fabian “Garden” Figi picked off the puck and promptly fired a shot just inches wide (a lot of inches). Upset by his misfire, Figi joined Van Pelt in digging the puck off the boards, controlled the thing, dangled one defender, slow played another, then used a third for a screen as he roofed a backhand over the helpless netminder. It was the Bros’ third pretty goal of the game, and the raucous crowd could barely contain their excitement.

With the score at 3-2 entering the third, Chris “Porch” Luscombe decided that LTS was done scoring goals, and calmly began work on the masterpiece that would earn him 1st star of the game, the Bro flag, and the hearts of Broettes everywhere. Despite all four D-Bros taking turns making pinching errors, Luscombe turned away chance after chance with great rebound control, a quick glove, and two larcenous lower limbs. The save of the game came late, when Drew “Oceans” John lost the puck at sea, giving up a harrowing 2 on 0 during which Luscombe denied Pannenbacker his hat-trick. It was a lone mistake for Drew, who earlier in the contest saved a breakaway with his hard backcheck.

Wednesday night’s SafeCo Insurance goal came with about six minutes to play, when Van Pelt caught the puck at center ice, and found Chris “Once” Beard streaking up the left wing. The LTS D was caught standing still, except for the guy who fell over, and Beard easily moved across the front of the crease. Happily, he found that a new road had been built right through the goaltender’s five hole. Beard maintains that it’s always easiest to score when the puck can be passed rather than shot into the net. A high-scoring affair for your Bros, they win their third straight, 4-2.

Game Notes:

Captain Bro Andrew One-Nine Feigenbaum spent the evening rocking out in the West Texas town of El Paso as Marty Robbins would say.

By The Numbers:

–3 Straight Wins (4 Straight games with at least 1 point)

–2.63 GAA (which, because it’s beer league, translates to an actual GAA of 0.68)

–2 Bros are in second place!!!!

–7 Bros on roster with at least 0.5 points per game


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