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AUSTIN, Texas (The Hockey News)- Saturday, The Pond Hockey Club. The Bros Hockey Club faced Mean Eyed Cats (MEC) in the matinee match up that started as a high scoring affair before both teams settled in to a chippy, physical battle. After 42 minutes of regulation, the MEC outlasted the Bros in a five round shootout to emerge victorious.

The Bros started fast and early. Bro Nick “Starbro” Leggett socred the first two goals of the game with assists from his brother Noah “Party Bronster” Leggett to give the Blacksweaters a quick 2-0 lead. The Cats buckled in, and by the end of the first period, the game was tied at two goals a side.

The second period featured hard, physical play with long stretches without icing or whistles, forcing both teams to play fast and settle in with quick, effective line changes. The third goal was scored by Bro Drew “Bro Colors” John buried a close-range one timer into the back of the net with authority, his stick crepitating in the cold rink air. Much like the first period, MEC roared back, scoring two unanswered goals before Scott “Love To Bro” Van Pelt sniped the game-tying goal on a wrist shot from the faceoff circles. One of the goals resulted from a questionable no-call on a clear tripping penalty, which resulted in the MEC scoring on the ensuing breakaway.

Despite the setback, the Bros were incredibly resilient defensively. Substitute goalie Steve “A Lonely Bro” McKenzie found his groove after two periods, and downshifted into an elite gear for the remaining six minutes of play in the second and all 14 minutes of the third period. Center Fabian “Brotention” Figi was again otherworldly, chewing up ice on the forecheck. His positional awareness on the forecheck and his strong backchecking generated multiple opportunities with Stephan “Six Feet Bro” Meyer. Meyer continues to improve upon the first game of the season and his two-way play with Figi borderlined transcendental at times.

The defense was anchored by captain Andrew¬†“Brordinary Life” Feigenbaum, who along with Larry “All I Bro” Powell and David “Die For Bro” Biagini held the MEC scoreless on the penalty kills and did a fantastic job protecting the crease for McKenzie. Longtime Bro Eddie “I Feel It Broing” Valls was plucked from a PeeWee A conditioning skate on the Pond to fill in in his first league game back since shattering his collarbone in Broctober. Valls interviewed with Jeremy Roenick between the second and third periods about his brief stint back in The Show. “Jeremy, it’s a lot faster than I remembered, and I just went in there, tried to play safe, a little conservative, you know, just make it out alive. Couple close plays, got up to speed, and felt pretty comfortable”

With both teams picking up a point after regulation, the game was decided in a five round shootout. Neither team scored until the MEC put one away to pick up the second point.

For his incredible offensive efforts, and strong two-way play, Nick Leggett earned first star and the coveted Gonzales Flag. Drew John picked up second star and Gadsden Flag. He is the first Bro to receive the award.

The Bros look to avenge their two shootout losses this Wednesday at 8:10pm against the Barn Burners.

– Chris “Nothing Without Bro” Beard was a healthy scratch because he was attending the internationally acclaimed “Prose for Bros” poetry conference in Denton.
– Chris “Brockin'” Luscombe was a healthy scratch because of a “Who’s The Boss” rerun marathon on Nick-At-Nite.
– Ross “Brominder” Tagtow was a healthy scratch because his ambulance got stuck in Mopac traffic.
– Layne “False Brolarm” Brougher was a healthy scratch because his ponytail told him it needed his undivided attention.


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