AUSTIN, Texas- (AP) The Pond Hockey Club. The struggling, and at times, anemic-looking Bros looked to right the ship last night beneath the umbra of the Snipez storybook season in which they are hammering opponents with impunity. Although the Bros lost this game 7-5, the final score does not accurately represent how close the game was throughout.

Donning the Stars and Cannons last night, the Bros started off with a strong forecheck and quick pace. The first 90 seconds of the game were spent in the offensive zone and the Bros managed several shots on Tom Ligh. Fabian “Scuttle Broin'” Figi opened the scoring up to give the Bros an early lead. A few minutes later, though, league leader Dylan Pratt tied the game. Pratt would go on to tally a hat trick on the evening. By the end of the first period, the Bros found themselves down 2-1.

After another Snipez goal, Steph “Bro Couldn’t Stand the Weather” Meyer had several open opportunities in the second, and managed to score on his first shot of the game to bring the Blacksweaters within one goal of tying the game. With each call from the Bros, there was an equal and opposite response from the Snipez. Once again, the Bros struggled in the second period. Three goals, two from behind the goal line that played pong with goalie Chris “Cold Shot Bro” Luscombe, and the third from close range, would go on to haunt the Bros for the rest of the game.

The Blacksweaters continued to grind, skate hard, and find their way to the net, and before the end of the second period, Nick “The Things (That) I Used to Bro” Leggett introduced the puck to twine for his first goal of the night. The team found themselves down 5-3 by the end of the second period. Larry “Tin Bro Alley” Powell found an incredible pass from Eddie “Honey Bro” Valls, but hit the crossbar. Drew “Little Bro” John played his best game of the season despite not getting on the score sheet.

Despite another goal from the Snipez, the Bros roared to life in the third, and Noah “Voodoo Bro (Slight Return)” and Ross “Stang’s Bro Swang” Tagtow helped Nick Leggett pick up his second goal of the night to bring the Bros within one goal. Nick would later bring the Bros within one goal of tying the game when he scored again. Despite their best efforts, the Bros couldn’t put the puck in the back of the net again. A late penalty on Tagtow resulted in Pratt’s third goal on a penalty shot.

The Bros defense played well despite the score. Captain Andrew “The Bro Is Crying” Feigenbaum won several key board battles to set up scoring opportunities, and broke up two odd-man rushes on the back check. He managed a +4 rating on the evening. David “Look at Little Bro” Biagini played well along the boards, and had some critical puck battle victories near the crease in the late stretches of the game. Layne “Close to Bro” Brougher played his best game of the season, and had great passing and positional awareness.

For his first career hat trick as a Bro, Nick Leggett earned the team’s Gonzales Flag. Fabian Figi took home the second star of the night for his high-flying offensive efforts and strong neutral zone back check.

The Bros are STILL looking for that elusive first win as they take on Master Skaters next Wednesday.


Tom “Little Bro” Harp DNP because he drank some water from Mexico.

Scott “Hide Away Bro” DNP due to the broken wrist.

Chris “Give Me Back My Bro” Beard DNP beacuse he was attending a symbrosium in what’s left of our nation’s capital.


5- Most goals scored by the Bros this season.

3- Goals scored by Nick Leggett

1- Leggett’s first hat trick with the Bros.

0- Number of wins for the Bros this season.



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