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AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters)- The Pond Hockey Club. This past Saturday night at the Pond was the Family ScorePak promotional event, and fans lined up out the door for an exceptionally well-valued evening of beer league hockey. Parking was scarce, with some fans shuttling in from as far as Williamson County… or perhaps the lack of parking was due to another buzzing weekend at Austin Beer Works next door. Either way, the Barn’s warming room was packed with juvenile noses and fingers pressed against the glass to admiringly watch their mothers, fathers, uncles, and company battle it out on the ice.

Snipez fell to Master Skaters in a three round shootout ending their undefeated season, and the Barn Burners lost a gut-wrencher to Mean Eyed Cats. Your beloved Bros looked to build on Wednesday’s victory against an oscitant Learn 2 Skate (L2S) squad. The two teams were battling to see who would earn the rights to last place after both teams emerged victorious for the first time last Wednesday.

The Bros, wearing their Victory Gold sweaters and hornet socks swarmed early, often, and completely dominated puck possession. Learn 2 Skate scored their first and only goal of the game midway through the first period, but their lead would not last. When the puck dropped to initiate the second period, the Bros found another gear and continued to dominate as L2S seemingly played the majority of this game on the penalty kill. Bro Chris “Bro Clouds” Beard struck first for the Bros, finding the back of the net after carrying the puck coast-to-coast on what has become his signature “Army of One” power play attack. He had excellent support from teammate Layne “Bro On the Wrong Planet” Brougher, who closed off the passing lane for Beard to pick off the errant pass. Because Beard scored on the power play, fans in the stands cheered because they received five free wings coupons from Pluckers. When the Bros score on the power play, fans win.

As the second period kicked in to full swing, the Bros pushed hard on the forecheck. The L2S captain and goalie, Sean Booth, was the only reason that his team remained competitive on the scoreboard, as he was continuously bailing his team out in the crease during the onslaught. Steph “The Bromington Ride” Meyer scored the eventual game winner after an intense forecheck that lasted for two full shift changes. The forecheck was initiated by excellent defensive play from captain Andrew “Resume Bro” Feigenbaum and David “Elvis’ Bro Ride” Biagini. Once they set up the attack in the neutral zone, grinding from Tom “Bigger Isn’t Better Bro” Harp and Fabian “Bronny Cash” Figi took control. The two exhibited exceptional patience and set Meyer up for success.

The Brothers Leggett, Nick “Lester Had a Broconut” and Noah “Diggin’ Bro” absolutely stifled L2S in the neutral zone. Nick took away a potential breakaway with an incredible back check that was only matched, if not surpassed by Drew “Bro Texas” John’s unbelievable backcheck to take away a scoring opportunity from L2S. Unfortunately, a bad call from the linesman forced John to spend two minutes in the ¬†Scott Elder Dream Cars Austin Sin Bin. Ross “Jellybro” Tagtow had a relatively quiet game, but did have two good scoring opportunities. Chris “Rhythm of the Broad” Luscombe was lights out for the second straight game. Exceptional defense and a nearly non-stop forecheck meant he only faced 18 shots, stopping 17 of them.

Biagini earned the first star of the game and earned the team’s highly coveted Gonzales Flag. Steph Meyer took home the second star of the game with his game winning goal.

The Bros look to extend their winning streak to three tomorrow at 6:45 pm against the Barn Burners.


-Eddie Valls was a healthy scratch because he was going, going, back, back to Cali Cali.

-Larry Powell was a healthy scratch because he was dining on some fava beans paired with a nice chianti.

-Scott Van Pelt is still on the IR.


-53 saves in his last 54 shots faced for Luscombe.

-11 penalties handed in the game.

-9 penalties against L2S.

-2 Straight wins for the Bros.



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