Deep in the bowels of the Pond Hockey Club on a mild, Texas winter night in 2015, The Bros Hockey Club was born. Originally branded as Bros Before Hossa, the team moniker was frequently abbreviated to “Bros.” The team’s inaugural season was in the Pond’s 4×4 pond-style league, and the organization finished the season without registering a victory. After two more seasons of finishing last, and with the help of strategic drafting and cultivating players who continued to remain Bros, the team found itself and finished… second to last. As a cause for celebration, the team ordered jerseys and branded themselves with the iconic Star and Cannon of Gonzales fame.

The Gonzales Flag represents a small group of Texians who fought off two nearly impossible Mexican raids in 1835 to keep a small cannon that was previously given to them to ward off the raiding Comanches. Both attempts by the Mexicans failed, and the Battle of Gonzales triggered the Texian rebellion against the Mexican government; thus, the war for Texas’ independence was born. The Texians fought for an ideal. They fought for a principle. They fought for something so insignificant as a marginally functional, 30-inch, temperamental cannon that could barely launch anything with a diameter greater than a shooter marble. The Bros adopted the same attitude, a certain je ne sais quoi over the past two years.

After winning third place an astounding five-straight seasons, the team name was rebranded and changed to Bros Hockey Club. The Bros collectively jumped to the Barn for the inaugural B1 5×5 season for Fall 2016. After starting 0-3, the team tore through the league, finishing the season with a 9-4-1 record and as season champions.

-Winter 2017: Introduction of gold alternate sweater featuring the Gadsden snake. In addition to the alternate sweater, the team featured gold and black socks. Introduction of the white, red, and blue Nosh and Bevvy sweaters.

-Fall/Winter 2018: Debut of the “Hermanos” themed kit.




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